Thursday, July 18, 2013

songs that resemble each other

Song Remains The Same?
A viewing of Oliver Stone's comments about 'The doors' has jarred it loose.
"It" is as follows.
in 'Savages,' we hear the opening of Brahms' symphony 1 in C minor, op. 68.
In the desert.
As Salma Hayek is getting shot at.
Note the similarities between
a) Brahms' First
b) 'Flight into Space' from John Barry's 'moonraker.'
c) Maurice Jarre's 'Lawrence of Arabia' score.
I know, I know.
In 'The spY Who Loved Me,' 2 years before 'Moonraker,' Marvin Hamlisch does a 'Lawrence of Arabia' riff.
So what's the big deal, right?
NOt sure.
Anyway, that music belongs in the desert.
Marvin Hamlisch knew it.
Maurice Jarre knew it.
John Barry knew it.
BRAHMS knew it.
Oliver Stone STILL knows it.
What do YOU know?

Tuesday, March 5, 2013


I wrote it!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Waco Notes

"(sic) Look what happened there!"
--Toure, MSNBC

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mad Max vs. the Godfather

So, the opening notes of John Williams' main theme for 'The Patriot,' starring Mel Gibson, mimic the opening notes of Nino Rota's main theme for 'The Godfather,' starring Al Pacino.
yeah yeah.
In a way, the 20th century ended with the release of 'The Patriot.'
Yeah yeah.
Let's go back to the middle.
Remember Oliver Stone?
Stone released yet another Vietnam film, 'Heaven and Earth,' starring Tommy Lee Jones, in 1993.
Big deal?
Well, John Williams wrote a heartbreaking main theme for 'Heaven and Earth.'
In the summertime.
In November 1993, the DePalma/Pacino tag team of 'Scarface' fame descended on Hollywood.
They called it 'Carlito's Way.'
'Carlito's Way' boasts a moving musical score by Kenneth Branagh collaborator Patrick Doyle.
"Grand Central,' etc.
Elsehow, put on a DVD of 'Carlito's Way.'
Watch the trailer.
Sound familiar?
They use the John Williams 'Heaven and Earth' melody in the 'Carlito's Way' trailer!
Yeah Yeah.
So, to sum up?
The 20th century ended, for some, when, during the final showdown between Mel Gibson and Jason Isaacs in 'The Patriot,' John Williams, inexplicably, reprised the 'Heaven and Earth' melody.
AS heard in the 'Carlito's Way' trailer.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Monday, November 5, 2012

alien nation?

the best e.t. song ever?
Neil Diamond Heartlight!!!